Why Minecraft?

11.06.2011 0

minecraft_sunAbove all, something that I’m intrigued by is bringing some kind of passion or soul into a video game and having that spill back out into the real world.  The goal here is to “elicit purpose”.

Minecraft?  Why Minecraft?  Well exactly for the reason that this is a world much like a post-apocalyptic skyscraper where all the lights are on but nobody is home.  It is the quintessential sandbox with so much potential, yet when I’ve played it I’ve always come away feeling that I’ve lost something of myself.  Time, mainly, but perhaps something more.

Thus then becomes a story … artists are selected and work as a team to remake a world.  They have to view photos, they have to deeply experience the sense of what the park has to offer.  Even in the case that absolutely nobody looks at the final work, people have been touched and impressed upon by the sheer scale of the park.

Perhaps the “game” is for visitors to be the “eyes”.  Take photos and use an array of SD card readers, etc. to “upload” their “vision”.  maybe Facebook/Twitter could help here?

When I waled the grounds, it is vast.  There are stories everywhere and it’d take me hours to get it all.  Days, perhaps.  More?  Whatever the case, it can be done but will take time.  This is where the game comes in. Post-exhibit, anyone can walk the grounds virtually … forever.  it becomes part of the archives as a “virtual sculpture”.

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