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This is the first major milestone in the Laumeier project … the server is up but more importantly, we have a real map based on USGS data.  I had a feeling that I could reach this point, but it was particularly stressful for a number of reasons.

Primarily, it was of the utmost importance to me to have a real map, largely because it’s otherwise impossible to know where to begin.  Thanks to Jack Twilley, the creator of TopoMC, we were able to create a 1-square km map of the region.  Jack helped quite a lot here … things were broken to a point and I had made obvious errors but ultimately things worked.laumeier_google_map

Now it seems more clear going forward as to what we can accomplish … I feel like a virtual pioneer to an extent, staking out areas for things to be built.  Getting our bearings was really hard, but Jack’s code provided for a safe house to be created automatically, which anchored me in the world and created a true point of reference.

Jack and I agree about the same thing … namely that this time is not wasted.  It serves a much higher purpose in coalescing people to a shared goal.  Perhaps even an ideal?  Ill be spending more time working through the tough stuff then to bring virtual curators into the mix!


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