Electric is the Love

12.09.2011 0

What is the purpose of the video game other than to actualize the imagination?  What happens to the world if the patterns of matter dissolve, leaving us only with memory.  This installation for Electric Is the Love explores the recreation of the world digitally, electrically, and with love of the memory.

I feel that this quote puts perspective to what we’re attempting to do:

“… For me the imagination is the goal of history see culture as an effort to literally realize our collective dreams. And its on a very crude level when its, ‘you make your mask and I make my mask and then we dance around together.’And it seven at a very crude level when its, ‘you design your shopping mall and I’ll design my World Trade Center and we’ll put them on the same piece of real estate.’

But we’re coming now through media, I believe, through virtual reality and human machine integration and this kind of thing into a situation where the imagination is going to become something that we can share … that the path of mind through its own meanderings will become something that can be recorded and played back.  We will have the possibility of living in our own past or creating and trading realities as art, and art as life lived in the imagination is the great archetype that rears itself up at the end of history … ”

This, of course, is from Terence McKenna … a perhaps obscure philosopher, art historian, and assuredly a great speaker.  Imagination as the goal of history; something to ponder upon as if the world itself has conspired to make our very minds, augmented by electronics, the end-all-be-all.

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