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Virtual Laumeier Tour

04.11.2012 0

Thanks to the efforts Tony Sanchez, we have a tour of Virtual Laumeier to share.  We’re working to make Virtual Laumeier a permanent part of Laumeier Sculpture Park so stay tuned for more information!

Virtual Laumeier Tour

Electric is the Love

12.09.2011 0

What is the purpose of the video game other than to actualize the imagination?  What happens to the world if the patterns of matter dissolve, leaving us only with memory.  This installation for Electric Is the Love explores the recreation of the world digitally, electrically, and with love of the memory.
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02.09.2011 0

This is the first major milestone in the Laumeier project … the server is up but more importantly, we have a real map based on USGS data.  I had a feeling that I could reach this point, but it was particularly stressful for a number of reasons.
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Why Minecraft?

11.06.2011 0

minecraft_sunAbove all, something that I’m intrigued by is bringing some kind of passion or soul into a video game and having that spill back out into the real world.  The goal here is to “elicit purpose”.
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